Welcome to Baking With Nadia

Welcome to Baking With Nadia

Welcome to Baking With Nadia. I launched this website after much request and demand from my YouTube channel visitors who wanted detailed recipes, photos, baking and cooking tips and more. This site has been in the works for quite some time. I am finally happy to release the site live. I hope you enjoy it.

My family and I owned a famous french bakery in Santa Barbara area called Le Chateau Bakery. In a short time, we became renowned for unique pastries and cakes using fresh and natural ingredients. This experience working under my parents has allowed me to use my talents for doing something I truly enjoy.

Now I make cakes and pastries right out of my home kitchen for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, showers, and other parties. I only use the highest quality of fresh and natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients used, so the taste is authentic and gourmet. With each mouth watering gourmet bites of art, a lot of love and satisfaction is received. I love what I do and the biggest reward I get is the compliments I receive.

My website will be dedicated to sharing my recipes and baking tips with those looking to make gourmet cakes and pastries using fresh and natural ingredients right out of their kitchen. In addition to baking, I also plan to share some of my unique recipes that are vegan, vegetarian as well as meat dishes, and healthy shakes and snacks.  I welcome your feedback, comments and ideas. Thank you for visiting!


  1. I am so happy for you and your new website! This is exciting! Can’t wait to see what is in store for us! :)

  2. thanks Nadia , i do really love how you speak, the simplicity on how you explain which is so easy to understand and to follow… You are such a very lovable lady …. More power on your new website !

  3. Hi Nadia I’m new register, I really like your videos. Thanks

  4. Hi Nadia, I have just registered and love your cooking. You made it look so simple. I tried to lock into your site for the muffins but was unable to do so.

    • Hi Leo, I am still working on putting up more and more of my recipes on the website. Please check back again soon.

  5. Hi nadia I am a new register I really love your page and enjoy watching your video and your cakes are amazing and simple thanks..

  6. hi nadia im new i realy enjoy watching your video

  7. Hi Nadia!
    I absolutely love your chocolate whipping cream recipe! I have made it many times for my chocolate cakes and my family sit around anxiously waiting to eat it because they love it. Thank you very much for your ideas and recipes. I truly appreciate them.
    More strength to you and I can’t wait for all your other recipes and ideas…! :D

    • Hi Zeinab, thank you for your kind words and compliments. I am so glad that your family enjoys your delicious treats. My husband and son are the same, they lick up the bowls when I am done :)

  8. Hi Nidia. I am new ,I like to watch your video , your cakes are amazing , I will definitely try your cake recipe , thanks.

  9. I cannot wait to start learning French baking. I am really interested in wedding cakes and icings. I know I will learn a lot from you. Thanks

    • Good luck! I am also starting to put French baking lessons on Curious.com. Look for me on there soon.

  10. Me encanta tu blog, se aprende muchoooo

  11. Hi Nadia I tried your chocolate sponge cake recipe it was great but when I was baking every thing was good my cake baked well but in the end cake fell down I don’t now why

    • There must have been something wrong with your ingredients like your flour or mixing technique. It could also be your ovens heat.

  12. Hii Nadia, ive just register and i love all ur videos. They are soo easy to make with a great teacher like you. You explain soo well and clear. I have just make the fruit tart and its great! I wish to become like you and create many amazing pastries. My family really like what i make and all thanks to you. sorry for my english, i know its not good. Im frm Mauritius Island. im soo kee to learn more frm you. Stay Bless… :)

  13. Thank you for what you are doing, you inspaired me to start baking

  14. Hi Nadia:) Am blessed and pleased to browse your web. it is easy to follow instructions.. Christmas is approaching fast and your baking inspired me to start watch, learn and bake. Thanks for sharing what your doing, and I pray that the Almighty will flourish and abundantly increase your knowledge and skills. Looking forward to see more and more recipes. Bless All.

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