Strawberry Napoleon is a delicious French dessert that is made up of puff pastry dough, custard, whip cream, and strawberries. It can be a little messy to eat but it is well worth it! I have usually bought the puff pastry dough instead of making it my self. You can find puff pastry dough in the freezer section of your grocery store. Try to buy a high quality dough so it will taste and look delicious. The custard and the whipping cream I make my self, and all that is left to buy are some sweet strawberries.

Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment and step by step directions.


1. Strawberries one small basket
2. Puff pastry dough
3. Custard
4. whipped cream
5. Powder sugar
6. Strawberry preserves for the glaze (optional)
7. All purpose flower


1. Rolling pin
2. Spatula
3. Pastry bag
4. Pastry tip (medium size star)
5. Half sheet tray
6. Parchment paper, or Silpat
7. Fork
8. knife

Step by Step directions:

1. Take your puff pastry dough and put it in the refrigerator to thaw out for several hours.

2. Next role out your puff pastry dough as shown in the video and use a little all purpose flour so it does not stick too much.

3. Gently with a fork poke holes in the puff pastry dough about an inch apart all over the dough.

4. Now bake in Pre-heated oven on 400 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown all over. All ovens differ in baking time.

5. After puff pastry is baked and cooled take a knife and even out the sides. Now cut into three even rows by measuring the dough.

6. Now place your first strip of puff pastry on a tray. With your pastry bag fill the surface area with whip cream and then place strawberry slices on top of the whip cream. Then if you wish you can put another layer of whip cream on top of the strawberries. Then add more strawberries as demonstrated in the video. Please click here to see how to make the fresh whip cream.

7. Now place your next layer of puff pastry on top and gently press down. Then add your custard cream. Click here to see how I made custard. Mix your custard and whip cream together to make custard cream. You can also add vanilla to the custard cream at this point (1 TBSP).

8. Add your strawberries on top of the custard cream. If you want to do another layer of strawberries you can by adding a layer of custard then more strawberries.

9. Now add you last layer of puff pastry on place the smooth flat side up and press gently down.

10. You can now either put it in the Freezer for 5 hours or over night. Once frozen then you can cut the Napoleon into 3 inch slices and decorate. In the video I show decorating then freezing, but I would suggest first to freeze then decorate. You have to make sure the Napoleon is frozen before cutting, so all the filling does not squeeze out. You can also glaze your decorative strawberry with strawberry preserves.

This is one of my favorite desserts, because it is so delicious! When you combine custard cream, strawberries, puff pastry and whip cream your mouth melts with joy, so enjoy!