Mocha Coffee Chocolate Cake

Mocha Coffee Chocolate Cake

Coffee lovers this is for you - the Mocha Coffee chocolate cake.  It has a very rich delicious taste that you won't forget and want to make this cake every few months.  This is my husband's favorite cake and yes he does ask me to make it every few months or for special occasions. The cake is a chocolate cake with mocha or coffee flavored whipping cream.

Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment and step by step directions.


1. Chocolate round 8" cake. Please click here to watch the video and get the detailed recipe for the cake
2. 4 Cups of Heavy Whipping Cream
3. 4 to 5 TBSP Powder sugar
4. 4 to 6 TBSP Mocha Paste depending on how light or strong you want the coffee taste to be
5. About 7 to 9 Coffee beans to decorate with on top of the cake (optional)
6. Sugar water: 125ml of water, 5 ounces sugar, bring to a boil and allow to cool before use


1. Sharp long serrated knife
2. 8 inch and 10 inch round cardboard
3. 10 inch doily paper
4. Spatulas small and large
5. Pastry Bag and Pastry Tips medium star and small French tips
6. Jug for hot water when decorating to help smooth cake
7. Cake stand
8. Stand mixer with a whipping head or Electric hand Mixer
9. Pastry brush

Step by Step directions:

1. Cut your 8" round chocolate cake into 3 equal and even layers. You can cut a small portion off the top if needed to make it even.

Cutting the cake layers

Cutting the cake layers

2. Place your bottom layer on your 8" round cardboard for support.
3. Dip your pastry brush into your sugar water or simple syrup and then dab it all over your cake.

Applying sugar water to the cake layers

Applying sugar water to the cake layers

4. Now make your Mocha Whipping Cream.  Before you start, chill your mixing bowl and whipping head in the freezer for 15 or 20 minutes. Add your powder sugar when the whipping cream is half firm.  Then add your mocha to the whipping cream when almost firm. Make sure you lower your mixer speed when adding the powder sugar and the mocha to the heavy whipping cream. If you have not made fresh whip cream before, please refer to my video and instructions on how to make fresh whip cream.

Adding Moca to the Whip Cream

Adding Moca to the Whip Cream

5. Now with your pastry bag or a spatula apply your mocha whipping cream to your bottom layer cake after you have applied the simple syrup or sugar water. Your sugar water or simple syrup is to give some moisture and sweetness to the cake.
6. Place the next cake layer on top and repeat the application of the sugar water and then the moca whip cream on top. Repeat the same steps with the third and final cake layer.

Placing moca whip cream on the cake

Placing moca whip cream on the cake

7. Now apply whip cream to the sides of your cake.
8. Now smooth out the cream by dipping your spatula into the hot jug of water and shaking the water droplets off. Watch the video for how to smooth the icing.
9. Now your cake is nice and smooth. If you have the triangle edge, you can use it to make a pattern around the sides and top of your cake.

Using the triangle edge to decorate the cake

Using the triangle edge to decorate the cake

10. Now you can place your cake on your 10" round cardboard with the doily paper.
11. Decorate the top of your cake with the flower pastry tip and then the bottom with the small French tip.

Decorating the top and sides of the cake

Decorating the top and sides of the cake

12. The last step is to place the coffee beans on top of the cake for the decoration.

Coffee Beans on the cake

Coffee Beans on the cake`

Great Job on your Mocha Coffee Chocolate cake! Enjoy with some black or Herbal tea of your choice!


  1. I if we don’t have mocha paste what we can use ? Please ;)

  2. Our country doesn’t have mocha paste, wondered if you could advise of any substitutes please?.

    • Coffee syrup would work too, maybe you can look up on YouTube how to make it.

  3. A very tempting recipe but Substitute for mocha pls….

  4. wow!nice. thanks for sharing.ll try dis soon

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  10. Hello nadia..i like your videos.. thanks for sharing..

  11. i’m a new comer in baking thank you for your amazing video that is very helpfull

  12. Please Nadia I noticed on YouTube that you were doing lemon cupcakes and it says that the full recipe is here on your site. I can’t seem to find it. Please tell me where I should look to get the full recipe as these look delicious. Many thanks for your posts.

    • The recipe is posted now. Sorry I got busy with family life :)

      • Thank you so much for your website, I always look forward to seeing your posts and trying your new recipes out for friends. You are very talented Nadia.

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  14. Nadia, thank you so much for your well instructional recipe. I’ve enjoying watching you on Youtube. Today, I just attempted to make your mocha cake. My whole family love mocha cake.

    • Thank you very much, I am happy your family loved it.

  15. hi nadia.I m really glad that I found you.I just want say thank you so much for ur recipe..I made a birthday day cake for my baby boy who turned 1just 7days before.your all recipes are superb. I live in London….I need to know the recipe of mocha pest.can u pls help me out?

    • Great, I am happy to hear that you enjoy my recipes. I’m not sure what your question means about mocha pest?

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