Fresh Whip Cream for Cakes and Pastries

Fresh Whip Cream for Cakes and Pastries

Fresh whip cream is one of the key ingredients and signature items that you will see on my cakes and pastries. Quite honestly it is one of the main reasons why I get so many compliments for my cakes. My recipe for fresh whip cream makes my cakes "light" and "delicious". This recipe for home made fresh whip cream uses fresh and natural ingredients, no stabilizers, no chemicals, no preservatives! Very rarely will you see me using icing or frosting that you see on most cakes at bakeries and super markets. Icing and frosting is just too sweet and heavy for my taste buds.

Fresh home made whipping cream is delicious and the best when there are no artificial ingredients added. Whipping cream is used for many things including pastries, cakes, pies, coffee drinks, and hot chocolate.  All children and even adults love to stick their fingers in the whipping cream and get a lick or two of that rich creamy taste that brings a smile to our faces!Whipping cream should be light and fluffy but not too sweet, so you will thoroughly enjoy every bite and want to eat more.  Whipping cream can be flavored with many things to give it more unique tastes.  You can have a wide variation of delicious tasting whip cream to make many desserts such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon, banana, passion fruit, strawberry, coffee and many more.

Whipping cream is not only used in cake fillings, pies, coffee drinks, etc., but also to decorate cakes, pastries, pies, etc.  You can also add food coloring to your whipping cream to give an assorted variety of colors for your decorations.  Decorating with whip cream can very from simple to complex decorations and you can have fancy and elegant decorations too.  Using whipping cream in your desserts is not only tasty but also very beautiful.

Cakes with fresh whip cream

Whipping cream can be made by different means, such as beating with a whisk, hand beater, or the easier route a stand mixer. I strongly recommend getting a stand mixer if you are like me and love to bake. Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment, and step by step directions for making fresh whip cream.


4 cups heavy whipping cream

6-7 tablespoons powder sugar


Stand mixer (strongly preferred) or hand mixer

Whipping head


1. Place your mixing bowl in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. This will chill the bowl and helps with keeping the whip cream from melting and getting the right consistency.

2. Take 4 cups of heavy whipping cream and pour it into your stand mixer bowl. Start to beat at low speed so it is not splashing out of your mixing bowl. Gradually increase your speed as the whipping cream becomes firm.

3. Once your whipping cream is semi or half way firm, you are ready to start adding your sifted powder sugar to your whipping cream.  At this time make sure you have reduced your speed to low again so the powder sugar does not fly all over and out of the mixing bowl.

4. Add 6 to 7 very large table spoons of powder sugar to the whipping cream.  For a sweeter taste add 8 to 10 large table spoons of powder sugar.  It is important to add one table spoon at a time at low speeds as shown in the video. Once you are done increase speed to 10 and whip until the whipping cream starts to form peaks or pulls away from the mixing bowl and shrinks a bit.

5. Make sure not to over beat or under beat your whipping cream as that will turn make it runny and melt easy.

Store your fresh whip cream at all times in the fridge when not working with it to decorate. That's it! Enjoy your fresh whip cream. Here are some photos of cakes that I recently did with fresh whip cream.

Chocolate mocha cake with fresh whip cream

Chocolate mocha cake with fresh whip cream

White cake with fresh whip cream and flowers

White cake with fresh whip cream and flowers

White cake with strawberries and whip cream

White cake with strawberries and whip cream



  1. at what point would we add the optional flavorings you mentioned?

    • Hi, you can add optional flavorings when the whipping cream is starting to become firm in the mixing bowl while beating.

  2. Hi nadia.. i tried making this the other day, but my whipped cream frosting didnt come out so creamy like yours. It looked more like grainy when i tried making shells. Do u think i whipped too much?

    • Were you using heavy whipping cream? Did you also sift your powdered sugar before adding it to the whip cream? If you over-beat your whip cream, it will usually become soft or runny.

      • Hi Nadia.. i used heavy cream and granulated sugar. Mine didnt hold up very well. Tasted smooth and creamy but looked grainy.

        • If you over beat whipping cream it will go grainy, if you keep beating it will eventually turn to butter and the whipping cream will most certainly split and form a watery substance, this is where buttermilk comes from. I suggest you try for soft peak when you whip the cream. I sure hope this helps

  3. can i prepare the cream a day and keep it in the frigde before using it for icing

    • Hi, it is best to use your whipping cream within 1 to 2 hours of sitting in the refrigerator. Some times it can last for a day too, but I would use the ready made whipping cream sooner than later so it does not become soft making it hard to work with.

      Beast wishes!

  4. Hey nadia.. i made the white sponge cake 2 weeks ago and it was perfect.. just had problems with the whipped cream. Yesterday i tried making it again but my cake sinked in the middle. Dont know what happened! I did everything as i did last time. Do u have any idea? Thanks. And btw this time round my whipped cream turned out better.. :) thanks.

    • Hi, practice does make perfect. Maybe your oven heat was not correct that’s maybe the reason why your cake sunk in the middle. I’m glad your whipping cream turned out much better the second time around!

      Best wishes!

  5. Hello Nadia,
    I plan on making this for the other recipe that you have on here.. after decorating my cake with this recipe… how long will it last in the fridge? I plan to make it for my friends promotion surprise and was wondering if it will last in the fridge decorated for what length of time? Thank you.

    • HI, the cake can easily last for 5 days in the fridge.

  6. Hi Nadia! I was going to try your chocolate cake recipe, it looks really yummy! By the way, what brand of whipping cream do you recommend?

    • Hi, I use a high quality heavy whipping cream from a store like Costco. The brands that I have used are Swiss, Horizons, Knuetsons, and others. Different areas have different brands as you know, just make sure to use heavy whipping cream.

  7. can i use this whipped creme for pastry puffs?

    • Absolutely, yes you can. This is the only whip cream I use with puff pastry desserts.

  8. This is the way I love it, but it doesnt stay stiff. How do you get it to stay stiff on the cake?

    • Couple things to keep in mind. Make sure to keep your mixing head and bowl in the freezer for 5 mins before you start. The chill helps to keep the whip cream firm. Also you don’t want to over beat or under beat the whip cream. Try to follow the directions as closely as possible.

  9. hi
    just wondering am I able to use the normal thickened cream ?

    • I use heavy whipping cream, which is a heavy liquid version of cream. Not sure what you have in local stores there but you can give it a try.

  10. i cant find the ingredinet

    • The ingredients are listed on the page. Here they are again. Ingredients: 4 cups heavy whipping cream, 6-7 tablespoons powder sugar.

  11. Hi is there anything I can substitute for heavy whipped cream??

  12. Hi Nadia, can i add colors in whipped cream and can i able to make 3 d flowers with whipped cream ?

    • Yes you can. In fact I just did a video today for a rainbow cake that I will be uploading soon where I used different food colorings to get various colors of whip cream.

  13. Nadia, love your name , it’s my daughters name too! I was wondering do you stabilize your whipped cream icing? I’m in a very humid area of the US.

    • Hi, thanks I love the name too. I don’t use any stabilizers for my whipping cream. Just don’t use organic whipping cream it tends to be on the softer side and does not get too firm when whipped. Good luck and all the best!

  14. Hi nadia i want to make whipped cream tomorrow and want to ask is heavy cream double cream or single cream i havnt seen heavy cream in london and once i decorate the cake how long can it stay out and how long will the cake last in the fridge after its cut thank you

    • Use what ever cream you can find. Whipping cream always needs refrigeration. The cake can last for up to 5 days in the refrigerator.

  15. Hi ! Nadia. I just discovered your website, your recipes look fantastic. I was just wondering why don’t you use butter cream for frosting/filling your cakes? Can i add melted chocolate or strawberry puree ect to flavor the whipping cream ? Thanks for your answer.

    • Hi Sumayya, thank you for your compliments! I prefer to use whip cream because it tastes better and it is lighter and not so heavy and sugary in taste. I have posted a cream cheese frosting that is very delicious. I will eventually post a butter cream frosting. To get a chocolate taste you can add cocoa powder unsweetened to your whip cream, or make chocolate ganache filling. You also can add strawberry purée or preserves to your almost firm whip cream.

  16. I have not tried it yet, but is this recipie enough to cover an entire cake?

  17. how much more icing will I need to make for quarter sheet cake and how much more strawberries?
    want to make for my husbands 40th as it is his favorite cake.
    thank you

  18. I am just going to make this fresh whip cream cake on my wedding anniversary hope turn out good ,tell me can use double cream for icing ,live uk

    • I have never used double cream so please do let me know how it went for you.

  19. Hey I went looking for heavy whipping cream but I saw in the grocery Heavy cream and just whipping cream is their any difference . Which one is better to use.

  20. I also want to know what Hua used in the cream cakes and toured Hua finest gems please reply fast

  21. Thank you Nadia for your effort

  22. Hi Nadia , love your video and website. Do you have a recipe for a buttercream icing. I will be making a rolled fondant cake and would like to know the best filling for it. Its a toss up between ganache or buttercream as I can’t put it in the fridge once its decorated.

    • Thank you. Yes I do I will eventually post it. My butter cream and ganache recipe must be refrigerated. Good luck!

  23. Hi nadia please Tel me 0.5 or 14 g baking powder how much i mean how many tables spoons please Tel me i will make the cake soon i. Confused please Tel me how much the 14g baking powder in weight

    • Please invest in buying a $20.00 electric scale. It will make your life much easier and mine too. Good luck!

  24. Hi
    Will extra thick double cream work for cake decorations?

    • Hi, I have never used that. You may try and experiment and find out.



  25. Hi Nadia, tired out this recipe today and the fresh whipped cream was amazing. Thank you, my family and I loved it. Will be making this recipe again! Bye.

  26. hi nadia, i just want to ask you.. will the frosting melt if we serve it in the room temperature? because here in malaysia is a bit hot around 33 degree celcius… im afraid if my frosting melt on the occasion day :(

    • Hi, if you are leaving it out for a while in room temperature weather you should freeze the cake for a couple hours.

      Best wishes,


  27. I live in India. I recently discovered your website. It’s really amazing.and so helpful. I tried a gateau cake.. But the decorating was not much successful . It’s runny and too much smoothly. I guess because of the whipped cream which I used. Any more ideas about it?. And I Like to know wheather I can make flowers with whipping cream .

    • Look at my website in techniques of how to make a firm whipping cream. Yes you can make flowers out of whipping cream! Best wishes!

  28. And I can use sugar instead of powdered sugar

      • Hi Nadia. Is powdered sugar icing sugar? I can’t find powdered sugar at my place. Tks

  29. Hi nadia – is heavy cream 35%? live here in canada and we just have whipping cream at 35% Is that good enough? Thanks so much.

    • Yes, 35% should be fine. We have the same here as well.

  30. I just love that you use whipped cream recipes, and not the usual buttercream recipes. I been using whipped cream in my cakes since I got interested in baking. So using the hot water on the cake wont ruin the whipped cream? I’ve learned by experience that whipped cream cant ever be mix with water. I once ruin my mothers B day cake by washing a spoon and use it directly onto the whipped cream to scoop it in the bag, I totally ruin the cake because the whipped cream turned nasty, it looked like if the whipped cream had sand or little grains.

    • Hi Julie, yes I only use whip cream for my cakes as well. Thats what we did in the bakery days and everyone loved it. Though I do get a lot of requests from others for buttercream icing. With regards to your question about the hot water, they key is to use “warm” water and make sure you tap off excess water before using the metal spatulas to smooth of the whip cream.

  31. Hi Nadia,

    Will it be ok to not add sugar at all to the while whipping cream? I’m baking a cake for a office colleague and we all love fresh cream but not too sweet.. i tried a few times, seems ok but a tad soft than stif i have to say.cheers

    • It’s up to you how much sugar you would like to use! Best wishes!

  32. Do u wash the strawberries or just wipe them with a damp towel? Thanks

    • Hi I usually wash them and then dry them with a paper towel.

  33. Hi Nadia I just found you website on YouTube. I definately will try making the fresh whip cream and revert to you. I just wish we could upload pictures of what we made using your recipe. Well done!!!

  34. Hey Nadia love your videos! Also I was wondering if I do use this fresh whipping cream recipe and have to refrigerate it can I do that? By this I mean every time I refrigerate a cake it eventually gets hard within a couple hours.

    • This should not happen with my cake recipes as I always refrigerate my cakes after I make them. Couple things you could do is to keep them in a cake box or wrap them around in a seal tight case. That usually helps to keep the freshness of the cake.

  35. Hi nadia can i use high whipping cream instead of heavy whipping cream?

    For powder sugar.. Is it the normal sugar that we use for coffee? Thnk you

    • Hi, I don’t know what high Whipping cream is. Powder sugar is soft and fluffy not coffee sugar. Please google it.



  36. Hi,NADIA!can i use whip cream for cake filling.

  37. Hello Nadia, today I made white cake with strawberry it is really delicious my family loved the cake. Thank you

  38. Hi Nadia,

    I love your recipes. Thank you so much! Trying out the whipped cream and I it looks like I over or under beat it. It looked as though it was ok but I think its started melting. Can I freeze it a bit and whisk again?

    • Unfortunately not. Once its over beaten it can’t be whipped again. Try again as it takes some practice.

  39. Hi NAdia. I was going to make your frozen cake for my daughter’s bday. I was hoping to make the fresh whipping cream the night before and decorate the cake the night before. Do I need to refrigerate the finished cake because it is a whipped cream topping? i never refrigerate my buttercream frosted cakes but i have never used whipped cream so assuming since it has more fresh ingredients that it needs to be refrigerated? thanks!

    • Sorry for the late reply. Yes you must refrigerate when working with fresh whip cream.

  40. Hi nadía. I’ll make a cake mid irons and I wonder if four cups of heavy whipping cream and seven tablespoons of powder sugar are enough to fill and cover the cake or I can doubling the amount?

    • Sorry I don’t understand what size cake you are making. Refer to the recipe and instructions as I usually state what size cake it will cover.

  41. Hi Nadia, I am planning on making this whipping cream and using it on a cake this weekend. Can I freeze the cake as I do not have room in the refrigerator. It would be frozen for 2 days. I don’t want the whipped cream to get hard or flat. Thoughts?

    • Sorry for the late reply but yes you can freeze the cake. I often do that for orders and events. Just make sure to thaw the cake for enough time before serving.

  42. Hi Nadia, can i fold custred cream to the whipping cream to give it the custred taste?

    • Yes, you can even add a little bit of vanilla and it becomes a custard cream.

  43. Hi Nadia, with this receipe, can I add gel food color and if so at what point do I added into mix. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Yes, you can us it. It’s best to put it in half way through when it starts to firm up.

  44. Hi Nadia,
    I’m making a strawberry shortcake, using your fresh whip cream and I will traveling about 1&1/2 hours out of town. Will the whip cream hold up for that time, I have to deliver it to my cousin. Thanks for all your recipes and help!

    • Thank you! You will need to freeze the cake for 3-4 hours before you place it in the car.

  45. My preference is for light, only slightly sweetened frosting so whipped cream is always my go to adornment for cakes. Nadia, your instructions are easy to follow and I imagine you’ve demonstrated to more than a few novice bakers that achieving professional results doesn’t have to be difficult.

    For the readers who are confused about exactly what kind of cream to use, whipping cream is what you will buy to make whipped cream, the final product. You may also use heavy cream which is sometimes called heavy whipping cream. There is a slight difference in fat content between whipping cream and heavy cream. Whipping cream will produce a lighter, fluffier result than heavy cream. Heavy cream will give a firmer result. Which you should choose depends on how you will be using it. Whipping cream is lovely for topping desserts and some heavier cakes make work better with a filling made with heavy cream.

    I’m not familiar with the term whip cream but that may be Nadia’s own signature name for her fabulous dessert filling and topping.

  46. Hi nadia, can you put gelatin in your whipped cream to make it stabilised or will it make your cream runny

    • I have never used a stabilizer before but you can use gelatin if you like.

  47. Hi nadia, how much minutes would you say I’d have to whip my cream for to make it perfect

    • Depending on your mixer it can take up to 5-10 minutes.

  48. Hi , I just made whipped cream yesterday but after I did it it smell don’t like the bakery n the taste also different but the whipped cream I use is the same as the bakery . do u have anh idea ?

    • I use real whip cream from scratch. It could be that the bakery has a different recipe. I hope that helps answer your question.

  49. Hi Nadia. Thanks for the recipe. Can I grind normal sugar and use instead of powdered sugar?

    • Your welcome! I have never tried to grind normal sugar but you can give it a try. If you do, please let me know the results.

  50. Hey nadia i live in an area where i cant access heavy whipping cream can i use the powdered whipping cream??

    • I would use what you can get in your area and experiment with it. I hope it works for you!

  51. Hi would like to ask how long should you whip for everytime i do it i leave it in the fridge for about a couple of hours but when i start decorating it just starts to melt and go watery

    • When I make my whip cream, I mix it for about 5 minutes and make sure it is firm. You want to make sure it shows nice thick peaks.

  52. Hi nadia, i was making your fresh whipping cream and it turned out superb. Just wanna ask can i add coloring and some paste like for example vainilla paste.thanks a lot been looking for this recipie finally i got you. Thanks and god bless.

    • Yes, you can add food coloring. I have not tried to add paste but I think it will be fine.

  53. Hi Nadia i,m going to make your fresh whipped cream frosting. I want to make it chocolate so what kind of chocolate do i use and how much. Thank you very much.

    • I have a chocolate whip cream recipe on this website. Just do a search for chocolate whip cream at the search option on the top right of this website.

  54. What brand did you use for the whipping cream ? Would it look pretty like this if I just put regular thick frosting from funfetti products ?

    • I use a brand name Swiss heavy cream. You could also use Knudson. I would recommend a non-organic heavy cream.
      If you want to use frosting that will work as well. Just fill the pastry bag with frosting and that will give it a nice touch for decorating.

  55. hi, i cant find heavy cream here in our country, what else can i use?
    thanks :)

    • I saw this substitute. You can give it a try.

      To make a substitute, melt 1/3 cup unsalted butter and add to 3/4 cup milk. If you prefer to use low-fat milk, add 1 tablespoon flour to thicken your mixture and stir well. This is much thicker than regular yogurt and has fewer calories and fat, which makes it a great substitute for heavy cream.

  56. Hello Nadia,
    I will be making a 2 tier cake and I want know how much of the whipped frosting to make? My bottom cake size 12×2 but will be 2 stacked so need frosying for middle as well, and my too size is alsi double 9×2
    so basically 2 tier birthday cake
    2 of the 12×2
    2 of the 9×2
    frosting all cake
    frosting in the middle
    frosting colored decorations.
    Do I double your receip, triple?

    • For the whipped cream you will need triple it but you can decide that as you frost the cake.

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