Fresh whip cream is one of the key ingredients and signature items that you will see on my cakes and pastries. Quite honestly it is one of the main reasons why I get so many compliments for my cakes. My recipe for fresh whip cream makes my cakes "light" and "delicious". This recipe for home made fresh whip cream uses fresh and natural ingredients, no stabilizers, no chemicals, no preservatives! Very rarely will you see me using icing or frosting that you see on most cakes at bakeries and super markets. Icing and frosting is just too sweet and heavy for my taste buds.

Fresh home made whipping cream is delicious and the best when there are no artificial ingredients added. Whipping cream is used for many things including pastries, cakes, pies, coffee drinks, and hot chocolate.  All children and even adults love to stick their fingers in the whipping cream and get a lick or two of that rich creamy taste that brings a smile to our faces!Whipping cream should be light and fluffy but not too sweet, so you will thoroughly enjoy every bite and want to eat more.  Whipping cream can be flavored with many things to give it more unique tastes.  You can have a wide variation of delicious tasting whip cream to make many desserts such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon, banana, passion fruit, strawberry, coffee and many more.

Whipping cream is not only used in cake fillings, pies, coffee drinks, etc., but also to decorate cakes, pastries, pies, etc.  You can also add food coloring to your whipping cream to give an assorted variety of colors for your decorations.  Decorating with whip cream can very from simple to complex decorations and you can have fancy and elegant decorations too.  Using whipping cream in your desserts is not only tasty but also very beautiful.

Cakes with fresh whip cream

Whipping cream can be made by different means, such as beating with a whisk, hand beater, or the easier route a stand mixer. I strongly recommend getting a stand mixer if you are like me and love to bake. Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment, and step by step directions for making fresh whip cream.


4 cups heavy whipping cream

6-7 tablespoons powder sugar


Stand mixer (strongly preferred) or hand mixer

Whipping head


1. Place your mixing bowl in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. This will chill the bowl and helps with keeping the whip cream from melting and getting the right consistency.

2. Take 4 cups of heavy whipping cream and pour it into your stand mixer bowl. Start to beat at low speed so it is not splashing out of your mixing bowl. Gradually increase your speed as the whipping cream becomes firm.

3. Once your whipping cream is semi or half way firm, you are ready to start adding your sifted powder sugar to your whipping cream.  At this time make sure you have reduced your speed to low again so the powder sugar does not fly all over and out of the mixing bowl.

4. Add 6 to 7 very large table spoons of powder sugar to the whipping cream.  For a sweeter taste add 8 to 10 large table spoons of powder sugar.  It is important to add one table spoon at a time at low speeds as shown in the video. Once you are done increase speed to 10 and whip until the whipping cream starts to form peaks or pulls away from the mixing bowl and shrinks a bit.

5. Make sure not to over beat or under beat your whipping cream as that will turn make it runny and melt easy.

Store your fresh whip cream at all times in the fridge when not working with it to decorate. That's it! Enjoy your fresh whip cream. Here are some photos of cakes that I recently did with fresh whip cream.

Chocolate mocha cake with fresh whip cream

Chocolate mocha cake with fresh whip cream

White cake with fresh whip cream and flowers

White cake with fresh whip cream and flowers

White cake with strawberries and whip cream

White cake with strawberries and whip cream