One of my favorite types of whipping cream is chocolate whipping cream.  It is so delicious and rich tasting on cakes, cupcakes, pastries, in hot chocolate, and coffee too.  It is easily made by just adding to your whipping cream a very high quality of unsweetened cocoa powder and some powder sugar to sweeten it.  You can also decorate with chocolate whipping cream if you don't want to use regular whip cream to decorate.  Every one loves chocolate so you really can't go wrong using it, also depending on how rich you like your chocolate whip cream to be, you can add  as much as you like.  Some people like a mild taste of chocolate so they can add less cocoa powder to the whipping cream, and some people like a very rich taste so they can add more cocoa powder. Here are some pictures of cakes and cupcakes decorated with chocolate whip cream. The recipe and directions are below.

Cupcakes with chocolate whip cream

Cupcakes with chocolate whip cream

Chocolate ganache cake

Chocolate Ganache cake

Chocolate Yule Log or Bush Noel Cake

Chocolate Yule Log or Bush Noel Cake


1 quart or 4 cups heavy whipping cream
6 - 7 tablespoons of sifted powder sugar
6 - 9 tablespoons of high quality unsweetened cocoa powder

Equipment: Stand mixer, whipping head, sifter

Here is a step by step video demonstration. The written instructions are below.


First make sure your mixing bowl and whipping head are placed in the freezer for about 20 minutes.  This will help in the process of firmness for your whipping cream and eliminate "runny" whip cream or melting issues while decorating.  Therefore your bowl and whipping head are chilled and the results will be better for you.

1. Take 4 cups of heavy whipping cream and pour it into your stand mixer.   Start to beat at low speed so it is not splashing out of your mixing bowl.  Gradually increase your speed as the whipping cream becomes firm.

2. Once your whipping cream is semi or half way firm add your sifted powder sugar to your whipping cream.  At this time make sure you have reduced your speed to low again so the powder sugar does not fly all over your face and out of the mixing bowl.

3. Add 6 to 7 very large table spoons of powder sugar to the whipping cream.  For a sweeter taste add 8 to 10 large table spoons of powder sugar.  Add one table spoon at a time and once your done adding the powder sugar you can now add your unsweetened cocoa powder. You can add 6 to 9 tablespoons of cocoa powder depending on how rich you want the chocolate taste to be. Keep your speed on low as you add the cocoa powder.

4. Now increase speed to 10 and whip until the whipping cream starts to form peaks or pulls away from the mixing bowl and shrinks a bit. Make sure not to over beat or under beat your whipping cream. At this point your chocolate whipping cream is complete.

That's it! Enjoy your chocolate whipping cream for decorating cakes, cup cakes, desserts and other pastries. You can use this for the many cake and cupcake recipes you will find on my website and youtube channel.