This chocolate peppermint cake is great for chocolate lovers and the holiday seasons, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other family festivities. It is a fun and easy dessert to make. It also goes great with tea or coffee and really leaves you satisfied for a chocolate craving.

Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment and step by step directions.

INGREDIENTS for chocolate cake roll:

4 extra Large eggs
4 ounces sugar
3 ounces cake flour
0.5 ounces baking powder
1 ounce coco powder

If you don't have a food scale to measure ingredients, I highly recommend getting one. It is not easy nor does it come out accurate when you use tsp, tblsp, cups, etc. Click here for a food scale thats cheap and easy to use.

INGREDIENTS for home made whip cream:

16 fl ounce heavy cream
3 to 4 large TBSP powder sugar
Several drops of red food color.
You can add 1 TBSP of peppermint extract for a minty taste.

INGREDIENTS for making melted chocolate:

Dark Belgium chocolate. I use lots of chocolate in my baking and I recommend buying a large chocolate block so you can use for other desserts and cakes.

Simple syrup or sugar water:

125 ml of water
5 ounces of sugar


Nine or ten candy canes.


Stand Mixer and whipping head
Half sheet tray with Silpat or parchment paper
Pastry brush, Pastry bag, Pastry tip(medium star)

Step by Step Recipe:

1.Turn your oven to 450 degrees F to preheat

2 Pour your room temperature eggs and Sugar into your stand mixer and mix at low speed at first and then gradually increase the speed until your mixture is fluffy, creamy, and risen at least half way up your mixing bowl. Now add your peppermint extract.

3. Now sift your dry ingredients and pour one tablespoon at a time into the wet ingredients and allow to mix well. Increase your speed to medium once you have poured in all of your dry ingredients.

4. Spray your half sheet pan with coconut oil spray.

5. Pour your chocolate cake batter onto the tray pour along the edges and allow it to fill onto the middle of the tray. You may need to use a off set spatula to even out the batter through out the tray.

pour batter on tray

pour batter on tray

6. Pick up the tray and allow it to drop in inch or so to get rid of air bubbles. Now place it in the oven for 5 minutes.

7. Allow it to cool once out of the oven, then on a wire rack flip it over and take off the silpat or parchment paper. Now flip it back onto the tray.

Preparation of Sugar Water or Simple Syrup:
Pour water in to a small pot and place it on the stove on medium heat. Now pour sugar in water and stir. Allow it to come to a boil for one minute then turn it off and allow it to cool.

8. With your pastry brush dab on the simple syrup on to the chocolate cake.

9. Now make your whip cream. Please refer to my recipe on how to make home made whip cream. Add food coloring and peppermint extract to the whip cream once it is half way firm. Also at this time add your powder sugar.

10. Now apply your whip cream to the cake with a pastry bag and you can use a off set spatula if needed.

apply whip cream to cake

apply whip cream to cake

Spread whip cream

Spread whip cream

11. Carefully start to role the cake as shown in the video. Now put in your refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Roll the cake

Roll the cake

Melting Dark Belgium Chocolate:

Create a double boiler. Bring the water to a boil and then place the chocolate bowl onto the boiling water and cover with a lid. Turn off heat and allow to melt. Use a spoon to mix the melting chocolate.

12. Now pour the chocolate on top of the cake.

13. Take your candy cane and place it between a paper role and with a hard object crush the candy cane into small pieces.

Crush the peppermint candy

Crush the peppermint candy


14. Now sprinkle on to the melted chocolate, and place it in your refrigerator.

Sprinkle Peppermint onto the cake roll

Sprinkle Peppermint onto the cake roll

Your cake is ready to eat. Enjoy! Below is a picture of my chocolate peppermint cake roll. Happy holidays!

Chocolate peppermint cake roll

Chocolate peppermint cake roll