Chocolate Ganache is a smooth, rich, silky chocolate that I make with high quality dark chocolate, cream and milk. The word 'Ganache' comes from a French and or Swiss background (both cultures lay claim to this delicious silky chocolate). Chocolate ganache can be used in a variety of ways and applied to a number of different cakes and pastries as well as used with fruits and tarts. It is a delicious ingredient that takes your cakes and pastries to another level!

Below is a variety of ways to use chocolate ganache in your kitchen, a video showing the preparation, and the detailed recipe with ingredients and measurements.

It can be used as a sauce, glaze, icing or filling for cakes and pastries. Some examples are chocolate ganache truffles, chocolate ganache cupcakes, chocolate ganache on top of cakes, inside cakes as a filling, on top of eclairs, or used as a fondue with fresh fruit like strawberries, raspberries, and bananas. Other delicious ways to use ganache is to add it inside plain croissants, add with milk to make hot chocolates, on on top of ice creams. One of my favorite pastries that I love making is fruit tarts. I apply a thin layer of chocolate ganache on the bottom of the tart shell and then add the other ingredients like custard and fruit. This gives the fruit tart an extra crunch with every bite! Lastly you may simply eat chocolate ganache alone with a spoon for a rich creamy taste of chocolate.

chocolate ganache cake

chocolate ganache cake

Chocolate ganache can be made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, whatever is your preference. I like using dark chocolate. Not only is it the most healthy choice, but personally I like the rich taste of dark chocolate.

chocolate ganache cake slice

chocolate ganache cake slice

During the days when my family ran Le Chateau French Bakery, our specialty was making Chocolate Ganache Cakes. This is a three layer dark, rich, chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache. Our chocolate ganache was mixed with whip cream to make a ganache cream filling for the cake layers and design on top. Make sure to look for that video and recipe here on my website. One of the first steps to making this cake is to make the chocolate ganache filling. Here are the video demonstration, ingredients, equipment and step by step directions.


1-1/4 cup milk

3/4 cup heavy whipping cream

1-5 /8 lb (737 grams) dark chocolate

1 quart (0.95 liter) heavy whipping cream

3 full tablespoons powdered sugar

Serving size: 

Filling for an 8 inch (20 cm) round chocolate cake plus a little extra.


The first part of this recipe is making the chocolate ganache. The second part is making the chocolate ganache filling, that will be used for decorating your cakes and pastries.

1. Cut up high quality dark chocolate into small pieces. This allows the chocolate to melt easier and faster in your mixture of boiled cream and milk.

2. Bring to boil the milk and cream in a pot.

3. Add your chocolate to the boiling mixture and begin stirring. At this time, turn off your heat and keep mixing with a whisk until chocolate is melted in the boiling mixture. This is your chocolate ganache in its pure form.

4. Now strain the melted ganache onto a tray or bowl to eliminate any lumps or bumps.

5. Allow to cool and put into a refrigerator to store. While the ganache is cooling in the fridge, you will get started with making the whip cream.

6. Pour 1 quart of heavy whipping cream into your mixing bowl.  Start at low speed so it does not splash out of your bowl and slowly increase your speed as the whip cream becomes firm.

7. Once it is halfway firm, add three big tablespoons of powder sugar to the whip cream at low speed, so the powder sugar does not end up in your face.  You can add more powder sugar for a sweeter taste if you wish. Then increase your speed to high until the whip cream is firm or has hardened. Do not over beat the cream or under beat.

8. You are now ready to add your chocolate ganache to your whip cream.  IMPORTANT: If you just made your chocolate ganache, make sure it is cool before adding it to the whipping cream.  If your chocolate ganache is warm or hot as you add it to the whipping cream, it will melt the whipping cream. This will result in chocolate ganache filling that is either too soft or runny to work with. If your chocolate ganache was being stored in the refrigerator for an extended period of time (hours or days), then make sure you mix it with a mixer or by hand so it becomes soft and smooth before adding to the whipping cream.

9. Start mixing on low speed and then gradually increase speed so it becomes well incorporated and firm. You are done!

Once your chocolate ganache filling is made, make sure you refrigerate it right away.  Only take the chocolate ganache filling out of the refrigerator when applying it to your cake or pastry.

Thats it! Enjoy!

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chocolate ganache raspberry tarts